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From the Chairman’s DESK

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Africa being the youngest continent in the earth having attention all over for her phenominal growth. In this electronic and digital age Kenya is now the leader of East and Central Africa in Health, Education , Industry, Tourism, ICT and Athetics and so forth due to her developed Infrastructure , Matured Democracy and Progressive Human Resources.

Within very short time Kenya will be the destination of Medical Tourism and Travels for Eastern Central Africa in 27 countires and half a billion people

Mediheal Group started its first facility in Eldoret in 2004 its now with multiple branches serving same objective of practicing the modern medicine in all the sub-specialities of medical fraternity with advanced Infrastructure, updated and state-of-art equipments and human resources with technology transfer, cost effectiveness and with human touch. Mediheal is now started its extension in the field of Health Education by incorporating the curricula of Medicine , Para-Medicine, and Dentistry under the umbrella of Meditech University.

The Modern Medicine practicing fields like Open Heart Surgery, Transplant Medicine & Surgeries, Replacement & Reconstruction Surgeries, Navigated Neuro and Spine Surgeries, Comprehensive Cancer Care and Assisted Reproductive Technologies are the frontiers of modern medicine which Mediheal is engaging at her different facilities.

By the Grace of God we wish all the Entire Mediheal Fraternity and patients Best of Luck and effort.

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