Mediheal Group of Hospitals, born in 2004 November, today is an integrated healthcare organization with owned and managed hospitals, satellite clinics, emergency services and health education with a mission to bring advanced technologies in all subspecialties of the medical fraternity through technology transfer rather than encouraging patient transfer to other parts of the world.

In the field of emergency and elective orthopaedics and bone disorders we are following the above philosophy to assist our people of; the community, nation, region and continent.

Orthopaedic surgery has been revolutionized by the use of technology and pushing boundaries.

Mediheal was established to provide the latest affordable treatment possible in the region and the time has arrived to deliver excellent orthopaedic services.

Advanced Joint Replacement Services

Joint replacement surgery• was first successfully developed in 1970s for end stage arthritis of the hip joint in England. Since then it has revolutionized orthopaedic surgery and for the millions of patients with joint arthritis it has been a boon to regain their quality of life.

Today it is one of the most successful surgeries in orthopaedics and provides excellent results for patients when performed correctly. At Mediheal hospital it is one of the pillars for the department of orthopaedic surgery and will benefit all the patients in East Africa with advanced joint replacement services.

We are continuously evaluating and measuring our performance to ensure that we provide the highest quality program possible, tailored to each and every patient. Our team meets regularly with a focus on maintaining clinical and service excellence in all aspects of your joint replacement experience.

Within our hospital, we have created a special area just for the care of our knee and hip replacement patients.

Orthoplastic Trauma Management Using AO Trauma Philosophy

After heart related morbidity (suffering) and mortality (death), trauma is the second leading cause of morbidity and mortality world over. We all are aware of increasing road traffic accidents in Kenya and how the youth of the country all predominantly affected. If trauma is mismanaged then the patient suffers for life with a diseased limb or dies prematurely.

Proper trauma care saves lives and limbs and allows the individual to regain his social and economic life. At Mediheal hospital we implement the AO Trauma philosophy in trauma care.

AO Trauma is the founding organization for fracture fixation in the world and is based in Davos Switzerland. When it was founded its philosophy was summarized in the slogan “life is movement, movement is life.”

Our orthoplastic approach with the help of a Carl Zeiss operating microscope gives us the advantage of managing even complex trauma with vascular injury and nerve injury. By using the latest proven evidence in the management of patients of trauma we hope to provide the most up to date care possible. We use quality implants that allow our patients to return to movement as quickly as possible.

The quality of our work is never compromised. Our expertise in microsurgery is unique in this part of Kenya and East Africa.


  • • Complex Shoulder Revisions
  • • Hip & Knee Revisions
  • • Reconstruction of Deformities
  • • Minimally Invasive Foot & Ankle Arthroscopy
  • • Paediatric Orthopaedics
  • • Reconstructive Surgeries in Tumours
  • • Orthopaedic Implants & Prosthesis
  • • Orthopaedics Sports Medicine
  • • Minimally Invasive Hip & Knee Replacement
  • • Soft Tissue Reconstruction of Shoulder, Elbow & Hand
  • • Fracture Fixation
  • Joint Replacements

Joint Replacement Specialists at Mediheal are experts in a wide range of treatments and surgical solutions, adopting the safest and the most modern clinical methods available. They first administer medication and physical therapy before turning to surgery as a solution. The team performs all kinds of Joint Replacements including Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement and Shoulder Replacement.

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