Cancer Care (Oncology)

Cancer Care (Oncology)

Oncology and onco-surgery deal with the treatment of Cancer. At Mediheal, highly qualified Consultants, Paramedics and Nursing staff, supported by the state-of-the-art and sophisticated equipments, can treat and deal with any complicated case of Cancer.

Mediheal offers Medical Oncology and Surgical Oncology facilities for complete and comprehensive management of different types of Cancers under one roof.

The hospital offers screening and investigation for various cancers and also has a dedicated chemotherapy unit and a fully equipped laboratory.

Mediheal also provides facilities for effective Chemotherapy and the latest drugs are stocked for the purpose.

It is fully geared up to undertake radical surgical treatment with well-equipped ultra-modern Operation Theatres and an eminent Team of Surgeons.

The department provides care for a wide range of malignancies in both adult and pediatric patients. Procedures in children are done under sedation to minimize pain and anxiety, with appropriate monitoring. As cancer management is multidisciplinary, frequent meetings with associated consultants are arranged to help the patient understand the treatment plan better.

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