Surgery for Spine Tumors

Surgery for Spine Tumors

Surgery for a spine tumor depends on the nature and location of the tumor. When possible, the tumor is removed to relieve pressure and pain. This is delicate surgery, as tumors can be adjacent to important spine structures. At Mediheal, we emphasize on intraoperative monitoring and stimulation of the spinal cord to maximize the safety of the resection.

For Metastatic Spine Tumors, we offer our patients state-of-the-art spinal stabilization to preserve mechanical and neurologic function and improve quality of life. We emphasize minimally invasive techniques, such as Retropleural horacotomies, Short Segment Fusions, and the use of cages to enhance fusion.

At Mediheal Group of Hospitals, you’ll have access to surgeons who are among the most experienced in their field, performing numerous spine surgeries every year. Many of them have pioneered techniques and developments that have made spine surgery a much safer and more effective option.

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