Mediheal Group of Hospitals Unveils Meditalk Newsletter

Today we celebrate and are very excited to announce the launch of “MEDITALK”. A Bi-monthly newsletter about Health and Medicine.

We felt like it was time to step up, push the boundaries, and give a voice to the Health and Medical industry. MEDITALK is free of charge and available on hard copy and soft copy through our website

MEDITALK is free of charge and available on hard copy and soft copy. Click here to view and get your copy: Meditalk Vol 1

Meditalk is the spokesperson, face value, and a health digest of Mediheal. It is going to document the good and ideal health practices. Meditalk is aimed at enhancing the health education for health professionals, patients, their relatives, and everyone in general.

Going forward, Meditalk will add considerable value to future health research. This noble initiative will also play a vital role in preventive medicine while adding value to Mediheal’s medical practices as we progress towards achieving global recognition in modern-day medicine.

In view of the current Corona pandemic, this is a very timely initiative and marks the beginning of a journey dedicated to all the frontline healthcare personnel, security personnel, and great leaders of this world in the 21st century.

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